September means back to school!
Meet the teachers...

Danny Barber (An Introduction to Stone Carving)
Shawn Yakimovich (Frontier Medicine)
Erin Richan (Vegetable Fermenting)


Around here skills and products we don’t produce ourselves are just as valuable as money (if not more!). So, if you’re interested in taking a course but your budget is tight and you have a service or product to offer, please don’t hesitate to propose a barter. If we can balance a full or partial trade, we’ll all be smiling in the end.


Vegetable Fermenting

Instructor: Erin Richan 

Half-Day Workshop

September 22

Explore the basics of lacto-fermentation while mixing locally grown vegetables and herbs to create interesting condiments. 

Fermentation boosts the nutrient value of food. The cultured bacteria act to allow more absorption of minerals into our bodies, while also producing vitamins and enzymes that benefit our digestion.

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“I cannot imagine a more enjoyable day – location, instruction, lunch, atmosphere and camaraderie.” – Mary Ellen

“The class that I attended was very organized, very well equipped and very relaxed. The food was far above what was expected and beyond any other event – super healthy, super yummy, more than enough and (seemingly!) effortless. It was a great day!” – Rob Garner

“A great place to learn and express yourself through art. Welcoming to both beginners and more experienced makers. Anyone with curiosity and an eagerness to learn should attend a workshop.” – Meredith Combs

“I loved the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that was generated in the workspace. Lunches on both days were terrific.” – Shelagh Ryan