We are back after almost a year and a half of radio silence.

It’s been a long time away, but a necessary pause. With required pandemic shutdowns and then this past fall, the welcoming of our newest family member, Frances Ona, our workshop doors have remained closed. Our focus has been on home life, the farm, gardens and the everyday joys and responsibilities that come with these. 

We’re constantly reminded of the days we were hosting courses and the joy it also brought to us, the instructors and students. Ben and I have been teetering on whether to offer classes again this year and have settled on a grand re-opening in Spring 2023. We will be dedicating this year to improving and building new infrastructure to allow for a wider variety of courses, indoors and outdoors, in the future. 

But we want to keep you in the loop. So, here we are. Hello from each of us! 

The Cordwood Clan


Follow our journey leading up to our grand re-opening.

We’ll be sharing our day-to-day on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK

Ah, Spring! Clearing fields, bloodroot and lambs.