Warmer weather has arrived, bringing with it scilla, daffodils, Dutchman’s breeches and snowdrops.

These sweet, little beauties brighten our lawns and forests and bring our attentions to the outdoors – planning new projects and activities for the warmer months.

With that, we’re very excited to bring to you a whole new lineup of classes.


Designing & Making Felt Fabric

Instructor: Zoƫ Lianga

Saturday, May 11th from 9am – 5pm.


This full day workshop offers participants the chance to learn the basic principles and techniques of wet felting, discover the unique properties of wool fibres that allow them to interlock into felted fabric, and learn how to effectively layer fibres and manipulate them into a finished piece of your choice.

More information here

We’ve got your back. If you’re interested in taking a class with us but your budget is tight, please get in touch. We have a fund set aside to supplement workshop fees for those who need it.

“I cannot imagine a more enjoyable day – location, instruction, lunch, atmosphere and camaraderie.” – Mary Ellen

“The class that I attended was very organized, very well equipped and very relaxed. The food was far above what was expected and beyond any other event – super healthy, super yummy, more than enough and (seemingly!) effortless. It was a great day!” – Rob Garner

“A great place to learn and express yourself through art. Welcoming to both beginners and more experienced makers. Anyone with curiosity and an eagerness to learn should attend a workshop.” – Meredith Combs

“I loved the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that was generated in the workspace. Lunches on both days were terrific.” – Shelagh Ryan