A Five Petaled Herbal Practice Through the Seasons

4 Half-day Workshops (can participate in all or selected ones)

SPRING EQUINOX; Light of the Light Workshop – Sunday March 17 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)  *this course is full*

SUMMER SOLSTICE; Light of the Dark Workshop – Sunday June 23 (2:00pm – 6:00pm)  *2 spots left*

FALL EQUINOX; Dark of the Dark Workshop – Sunday September 22 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

WINTER SOLSTICE – Dark of the Light Workshop – Sunday December 15 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

Instructor: Meghan Robinson

A four part series exploring fluctuating needs of our body in relationship to plants and the cycles of light throughout the solar year. Each workshop contains a learning component, a unique herbal tasting menu, as well as hands on medicine making.

Each Equinox and Solstice we will gather to apply the foundations of our herbal practice to the season at hand. Orienting our herbal practice toward the unchangeable cycles of light helps to anchor us in a cohesive rhythm and feel a sense of connection to our place here as humans, held between the earth and sky.

In each workshop we will explore the following 5 concepts, and discover how they relate to each season: NOURISH, TONIFY, DIGEST, SOOTHE, and RITUAL.

Each participant will co-create a tea blend with Meghan, made with hand-harvested herbs from her farm for that season to bring home.

SPRING EQUINOX – Light of the Light Workshop 
Spring Equinox heralds the undeniable and strong return of the Light and with it, an upward thrust toward growth as the days increase in length. In this workshop we will work with herbs to increase our energy and resiliency so we can make the most of the light, set out intentions for how we would like to make the most of it and what our bodies need to soar high like the sun. We will also make our own herbal infused vinegars.

SUMMER SOLSTICE – Light of the Dark Workshop
Summer Solstice marks the light cycle as it begins to fall back toward darkness, growth and harvest become the focus, and supporting our energy to sustain this active part of the season. We will spend time outside identifying plant medicines and will also craft our own herbal oil to take home.

FALL EQUINOX – Dark of the Dark Workshop
As the harvests come in and our bodies turn toward preparing for the winter, we will work with plant medicine to support our inner fires as the light falls away increasingly. We will also craft an herbal smoke bundle.

WINTER SOLSTICE – Dark of the Light Workshop
As our environment is fully rooted earthward and our focus turns toward the liminal and dreaming spaces, we focus on restoration and peace so that our bodies can relax and allow more being than doing. Much like the plants, we need to honour the depths of ourselves and keep our roots protected so that as the light returns we can rise rooted and strong again for another glorious spin around the sun. We will also craft an herbal beeswax based balm.

By consciously participating in the light cycles and weaving our herbal practice around our changing needs, we return more wholly, in a secure relationship with our environment which ultimately brings us a sense of belonging and confidence in working with plant medicine as we humans have since our very beginning.

$80.00 + HST / workshop
$40.00 material fee / workshop. This covers all herbs used on the day and taken home. This amount is to be paid to Meghan on each workshop day

A light, afternoon snack included. All dietary needs accommodated.

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