Located on unceded territory of the Shabot Obaadjiwan, we are fortunate to be stewards of a sugar bush, wetland, pond, and pasture land. It is in this picturesque landscape that we live and run the Cordwood Homestead & Folk school.

Each season we work to move closer to self-sufficiency through various practices and learned skills. As homesteaders we believe that most everything we use and consume can potentially be created, grown or built at home.

With the desire to spread knowledge of craft and practical skills, both old and new, we were compelled to open the Folk School. We offer a wide range of workshops taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about their craft.

We are guided by the resources we have on hand, tools that we use, and techniques that we can implement to follow a more resilient path. By facilitating these workshops, people from all walks of life come together through the love of old craft, folk art, practical skills or the simple joy of sitting down to a home cooked meal.