Frontier Medicine

Natural Treatments & Homeopathic Remedies

1-day Workshop

September 14 (10:00am - 4:00pm)

In this full-day workshop you will learn powerful natural treatments to keep your family and community healthy. There will be lectures, demonstrations and hands on practice, covering a wide range of topics.

In a first aid situation, early action is critical and can save or change the course of a persons life. This is especially the case if you find yourself far removed from emergency services and hospitals-living on the frontier, so to speak. 

The Frontier medicine course will equip you to be ready for a variety of scenarios when medical help is not near. In this course you will learn what to you need to know including:
The use of 12 essential homeopathic remedies, capable of treating food poisoning, croup, emotional shock and fear, insect stings, concussions, bruises and other injuries,  bladder infections, bruised and broken bones, injuries to nerves, splinters and abscesses and more. 
How to use 12 common medicinal plants that grow on your lawn or in your forests, and how to prepare them. These plants are used to heal wounds, treat bacterial infections and blood poisoning, viral infections, laryngitis and more
Step by step instructions on how to make a healing salve, from plant to finished product, that you will take home with you. This salve will effectively treat scrapes, cuts, burns, sunburn, diaper rash, dry skin and cold sores 

Demonstration of constitutional hydrotherapy, a simple application of hot and cold water which boosts immune function and can treat chronic pain, pneumonia, gallstone or kidney stone attacks, influenza and more

There will be ample time for questions, discussion, and to learn by doing.


+$10 material fee

Lunch included. All dietary needs accommodated.

CALL TO REGISTER – (613) 464-2105