Fruit Tree Grafting

An Introduction to Apple Grafting

Half-day Workshop

This 3-hour workshop will cover the basic principles of fruit tree grafting. Participants will learn how to harvest and store their own scions and how to order and grow their own root stock.

There will be demonstrations of three different grafting techniques and you will be given time for hands-on practice. Proper knife use and safety will be covered as well.  

At the end of the class, you will perform two whip apple tree grafts on potted seedling rootstock.

Other information pertaining to the growth and life cycle of apple, hawthorn, pear and quince trees will also be discussed. Understanding key factors in the yearly cycle of your growing trees is important when grafting onto them.

Scions, grafting materials and handouts will be provided.

April 28 (1:00pm – 4:00pm)


Snacks included. All dietary needs accommodated.

CALL TO REGISTER – (613) 464-2105