Garlic Braiding & Talk

Practical and Beautiful Garlic Traditions

1-day Workshop

August 17 (10:00am - 3:00pm)

Instructors: Dawn KingAli Ross

Traditionally garlic was braided as a space saving, practical way to dry and prepare it for long term storage. These braids, especially when decorated with flowers, become beautiful accent pieces hanging in our kitchens, and a constant reminder of the summer’s bounty and colours.

During this workshop, you will learn two different types of garlic braiding.  The first is a string braid, popular for hard-neck garlic varieties and not actually a braid at all.  The second is the traditional braid and done with very different techniques. Each braid will be made up of one pound of garlic bulbs and decorated with dried flowers and ribbon. These braids will be yours to take home.

Over the course of the day and during an extended lunch break, local organic garlic farmer, Ali Ross, will provide information on this pungent bulb and kitchen staple. She is a wealth of knowledge on the subject.


+$35 material fee

Lunch included. All dietary needs accommodated.

CALL TO REGISTER – (613) 464-2105