Green Woodwork; Spoon Carving

One and one Halfday Course

Saturday September 7 (10:00am – 5:00pm) & Thursday September 19 (5:00pm – 8:00pm)

Instructor: Jeff Ahier

Let’s spend the day in the wild world of green woodwork. Let’s carve a spoon!

The humble wooden spoon exemplifies that junction between form and function that all can appreciate. We can just as likely carve ladles, stirrers, scoops, spreaders and spatulas, as we are to make that cherished personal daily eating spoon.

You will start with, otherwise ordinary bits of locally abundant green wood. We don’t look at a piece of firewood, or blown down branch quite the same way as before, not once we  pick up a few simple techniques and begin to fashion such pieces into beautiful hand carved spoons.

The toolkit required is delightfully minimal; a couple of knives and a hatchet, with no need for power tool noise, dust, or even electricity. Though tools will be provided, feel free to bring any of your favourite knives or hatchets to use.

The first part of day one will see us up and about standing, carefully carving and chopping with a hatchet. In the afternoon we will shift to careful knife work, which is best done sitting. Participants should feel strong in their hands and be able to exercise fine motor skills. No prior experience is required. That said, those who have not carved before should expect to be challenged at first and be willing to work through new concepts and techniques. The reality is that we’re all improving at our own personal skill level, and  getting started can feel daunting. We will be using very sharp tools, and a level of consistent concentration will be required. 

The second part this workshop takes place 12 days later, after an important drying period. Day one’s focus was deriving the basic form of our spoons from fresh green wood. During the second part (a 3-hour evening session) we will be able to refine, finish and oil the now dry wood.

Participants can expect to leave the workshop with an eating spoon, spatula, or scoop, which all offer differing levels of technical and design challenges.  Also, they can expect to have gleaned a basic understanding of the process which can lead to any number of shapes, designs and purposes for their own creative explorations and future spoon and other creations.

Participants of this workshop should be no younger than 15, should have the attention span and fine motor skills to work on one project for one and a half days, and should be confident using very sharp tools.

All tools and wood will be provided

A fresh, homemade lunch and morning snack/coffee included in the full day and a light snack in the evening session. All dietary needs accommodated.

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