Introduction to Hempcrete

Three-day Course

Saturday August 10 – Monday August 12 (9:00am – 4:00pm each day)

Instructor: Kris Bailey

This is a three-day intensive, deep dive into the world of hempcrete and plasters. We will cover a lot of ground.

We will spend the first few hours of this course in the classroom, talking about the history of hempcrete as a building material, breaking down the materials and understanding their roll in the mix. We will examine the environmental benefits of natural materials, the building science at play, and talk about different techniques for installing hempcrete.

Over the course of the next day we will get dirty, mixing and installing hempcrete in a small cabin. We will talk about different framing approaches and look at window, electrical and plumbing details.

On day three we will move on to plastering, looking at the different kinds of plasters and do some hands-on plastering.

Here are some good reasons to learn and use hempcrete:

  • It provides good insulation and thermal mass
  • It has a low carbon footprint/ is quickly renewable
  • It sequesters carbon
  • It is an all natural wall system
  • The lime that is used inhibits mold growth
  • It is fireproof
  • It is vermin proof (no voids for mice and squirrels)
  • It is a permeable wall system, which helps to manage indoor humidity levels

Hempcrete is not heavy but a certain level of physical fitness is necessary to perform the range of activities during this course. You will be lifting buckets, moving them around, and there will be some amount of work on ladders or scaffolding. Sturdy shoes or workboots are required. You will get dirty – don’t wear your favorite shirt! This being said, we do not want to make this course unaccessible to some, and if you are not able to perform some of these activities but still wish to be a part of the class, you will be welcomed and accommodated to the best of our abilities

All tools and safety gear will be provided.


Fresh, homemade lunches and a morning snack/coffee are provided each day. All dietary needs accommodated.

CALL TO REGISTER – (613) 464-2105