Long Cowl – Custom Orders


This design is fully customizable.

Give me a call to have a conversation about fibres, colours, design and size. I am accepting studio appointments for those wishing to try on different cowls for reference. These appointments will be spaced out to allow for proper ‘quarantine’ of products and fibres that customers may have handled.

A 25% deposit will be taken when a custom order is made.


This fibres that make up this cowl:

  • qiviut (the undercoat of the musk ox). This is one of the world’s softest and warmest fibres. It is a beautiful brown-grey colour. I like to use this fibre on the inside layer of my cowls where it has most contact with your skin. This fibre is most similar in softness and feel to cashmere. This fibre comes from a small home-based mill in Quebec City that work only in qiviut.
  • superfine merino / silk blend. This makes up the middle layer of the cowl (sandwiched between the outside design layer and the inside qiviut)
  • Hand-dyed Rambouillet (French merino) from Dorchester, ON and various colourful, merino and silk ‘fibre waste bits’