Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs using Natural Dyes

One-day Course

Saturday March 23 (9:00am – 4:00pm)  *this course is full*

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Instructor: Božena Hrycyna

Božena will guide participants in making some natural dyes from organic ingredients for their Ukrainian Pysanky and Travlenky eggs. Other dyes that require more time to steep will be prepared ahead of time. Before aniline dyes became widely available, dyes were mostly made from natural materials close at hand. Sourcing and making natural dyes, and co-creating with nature is part of the ritual. While sharing bits of her journey re-discovering this integral part of pysankarstvo, Božena will offer insights and encouragement for participants to begin their own journey of making pysanky dyes collaboratively with their natural surroundings.

Once the dyes are steeping, participants will get started on the process of inscribing an egg with designs to experience the miraculous birth of a pysanka. Pysanky (plural) are talismans imbued with symbols of protection and goodwill, and making them is a ritual act. Participants will practice their pysanky techniques, using the wax-resist “batik” method, in which designs are drawn or written onto the egg with beeswax, and then submerged in a series of dye baths.

The “travlenky” etched Ukrainian egg will also be introduced. The name travlenka comes from the Ukrainian word for “etching”: travlenya. Travlenky are created by applying wax designs on eggs and then etching away the unwaxed areas using an acid solution, most commonly vinegar. This practice produces beautiful, delicate and subtle tones and has gained popularity in recent years. Participants will learn how, with very simple tools, you can create both simple and intricate designs, all with stunning effect.

All materials will be provided. No chemical dyes will be used, only naturally coloured heritage breed chicken eggs, beeswax, and vinegar.

This class is suitable for anyone able to work with the flame of a candle, concentrate on a single task, and apply fine motor skills to create patterns on an egg. 

$140.00 + HST
$10 material fee to be paid to Božena on the day of the course
(10% of registration fees will be donated to an organization committed to humanitarian aid in Ukraine)

A fresh, homemade lunch and morning snack/coffee is included. All dietary needs accommodated.   

CALL TO REGISTER – (613) 464-2105