Ulu Making & History

Building a Traditional Inuit Knife

3-day Course

This class is being rescheduled to the summer or 2020.

Instructor: Kaajuk Kablalik

A 3-day course on making a fully functional ulu and learning about the history of this tool in Inuit culture. Students will have the chance to choose their own blade and handle style and learn about the origins of these different designs.

The ulu is a traditional Inuit tool used for cutting a variety of objects – skinning and cleaning animals, hair cutting, food preparation, trimming blocks of ice, and in defence as a weapon.

This course will include some history of the ulu in Inuit culture to its continued use in modern times. The ulus made will be in the style of the instructor. Images will be provided, demonstrating different designs of ulus and their origins. Participants will work alongside the instructor who will be making an ulu as a guide for the class to see. Following along, they will build, make and shape their own ulu to take home with them.


+$20-35 material fee, depending on what is used

Lunches included. All dietary needs accommodated.

If you would like to be notified when the course dates are announced please get in touch.